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Customer Mapping Software by Maptive

Visualize customer locations on an interactive map with Maptive’s Google-based customer mapping tool. Simply upload or copy your data from a spreadsheet to plot the locations of all your customers. Any other information you have on your customers (age, gender, products purchased, etc.) will also be displayed.

When your customer data is plotted on a map, you’ll have access to a wide range of tools and options to customize your map. Color-code markers, draw territories within your map, create routes between customers, and much more.

What Types of Businesses Can Use Customer Mapping Software?

Many businesses benefit from customer mapping software, including:

  • Field sales organizations, or any businesses that conduct regular sales meetings with customers.
  • Companies that deliver products to their customers.
  • Organizations that visit customer locations for service calls.
  • Businesses looking for a better way to filter, display, and make sense of their customer data.
Filter Tool - Sales Use Case

What are the Benefits of Customer Mapping Software?

Customer maps reveal valuable information about the scope of your business and customers, including patterns, gaps, and saturation levels that focus your sales and advertising efforts.

Once your customer data is plotted on your map, you can filter it to quickly find the information you need. View only recent customers, your biggest accounts, or potential customers to zero in on the segment you’re looking to target.

Not only does this save time, but these valuable insights help you and your team better prepare for sales meetings and service calls, resulting in a better customer experience.

Map My Customers: How Mapping Customer Locations Can Help Your Business

Maptive’s customer mapping software includes a number of advanced tools that will help you achieve your sales goals and gain an edge on your competition.

Presentation Map Tools - Zip Code Population Density

Territory Management

Maptive’s boundary tool lets you create territory maps based on zip code/postal code, districts, cities, counties, states, and more. Or use the territory drawing tool to create your own custom territories.

If you’re creating sales territories for the first time, mapping your customers first is critical to ensure there is an even distribution of customers in each territory. The last thing you want is to create a territory and hire a dedicated rep for it, only to discover there isn’t enough business in the area to justify that salesperson.

Once these are set, you can analyze the dispersal pattern of your customers to determine which areas of the territories your sales are coming from. Your sales team can then target regions that are lacking in sales to start filling in the gaps.

Choropleth Maps Example

Demographic Layers

Want to learn about your customers? Creating territories using the boundary tool also gives you the option of utilizing Maptive’s census data. Within the tool, you can define the data you want to display in a territory (population, age, income, gender, etc.) Once selected, this data can be easily accessed through your map.

Learn more about your existing customers and gain insights on potential new customers. Demographic data leads to better targeting, more effective marketing campaigns, and increased sales for your business.

Customer Pop-up - Customer Mapping Software

Filter Your Data

Imagine what you could do with customer data that doesn’t just include names and addresses, but also details about your relationship with the customer, their history, their goals, and more. Maptive’s customer mapping software makes this a reality.

Simply click on a customer plot point to instantly bring up all the data you have on them. This is perfect for determining where a customer is in the sales cycle, what type of products and services they need, and much more.

Maptive can quickly bring a large amount of spreadsheet data to life through the use of our grouping and filtering features. Grouping helps you organize and understand the relationships between your data, while the filtering tool screens out elements of your data leaving only what is most helpful to you.

Filters are easily turned on and off to allow for a multitude of “views” into your data. These views can then be saved and shared with other team members so they can review your findings.

Route Map - Business Mapping Software

Route Planning

Whether you’re delivering products to customers or visiting clients for sales meetings, knowing the most direct route allows you to serve them better.

Imagine you have multiple customers to visit in a single day. How do you find the most efficient route between all of those locations to make the best use of your time? Using the power of Google Maps, Maptive provides you with the ability to find the fastest route possible between up to 25 different locations.

The result is less time out on the road, less fuel consumption, and less wear and tear on your vehicles. Service more customers per day as you streamline your process.

Create Your Customer Map Today

Unlock the full potential of your data with Maptive’s customer mapping software. By mapping customer locations, you will:

  • Spot important trends and patterns.
  • Effectively manage sales territories.
  • Access and filter customer demographic data.
  • Optimize routes between customer locations.

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