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Route Optimization Tool

Maptive’s online route planner allows you to map out the most efficient path between locations, even if you have multiple stops to make on your journey.

Our mapping software will provide you with a customized, detailed map that will calculate the best route to travel between multiple addresses painlessly in a matter of clicks.

Optimize Your Routes & Rule The Road

Route Planning - Mapping Software for Academia

Maptive’s map route planner allows you to:

  • Find the most efficient route between as many as 25 locations with up to 73 stops.
  • Find distances and projected travel time between locations.
  • Calculate the shortest route so that you do not waste time traveling unneeded miles.
  • Change the order of your route with a drag and drop function.
  • Plot multiple direction instances for different scenarios.
  • Export your route to file in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

You focus on your business – the meetings you have to have, the products you have to deliver – and we’ll make sure you can organize them in the most efficient way possible, saving you time and money in the process.

Google Maps and Maptive’s Route Maker

Maptive's Multi-stop Route Planner

Maptive’s route planning tool works with Google Maps to deliver a comprehensive navigational service that is intuitive and fully customizable to each user’s needs.

We hear the skeptics in the back row. “But isn’t Google Maps already a driving route planner?” Yes, Google Maps’ route planner can be your guiding light from A to B and even allows you to enter multiple locations, but its optimization capabilities are severely limited.

Maptive’s route planner takes Google Maps’ capabilities and adds the next crucial step — an optimization function. Follow us as we take you through how it works.

How to use our Multi-Stop Route Planner

Step 1:

Choose a starting point.

You can do this by either:

  • Selecting your current location, the default setting of the tool.
  • By clicking on an existing map marker and selecting “Add to Route.”
  • Manually typing in a new location into the location window.

Route Directions

Step 2:

Add all the locations you need to visit.

In the location window, click on the + sign adjacent to “Add Additional Location.” You then have the same options you had when selecting your starting location. You can use the Lasso and Fill Location option to add all of the locations in an area to your route.

Step 3:

Get Directions.

Once you input all of your locations, it’s time to view your route by clicking on the “Get Directions” button.

Now, you can see your route visualized on your personal map.

Route Map - Mapping Software

Step 4:

Optimize Route.

When you select to optimize your route, Maptive will present you with the following options:

  • Add additional directions instances if you would like to compare different route options to each other.
  • Replace existing directions if your goal is to find the most efficient route.

Select whichever option suits you, and you’re ready to set out on your trip.

Display Directions

Step 5:

Use your map however you like.

The map drawing program allows you to read your directions in the side panel, follow along on the map or use Maptive’s other tools to customize your routes. In addition, you have the option of exporting your map directions in the format of an Excel spreadsheet or printing it right from Maptive.

How Maptive’s Other Tools Work with the Route Planner

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